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February 29, 2024

Hospitex International and Ikonisys announce the collaboration with Allianz Value,a company belonging to Allianz S.p.A. dedicated to both companies’ welfare solutions and home health services and health prevention, for the deployment of the first large-scale screening program dedicated to the urinary tract oncology diagnostics thanks to Hospitex’s urinary kits, in Italy.

The screening program, which is free of charge for clients belonging to large communities who already have welfare programs in place and who will decide to join this new initiative, involves Hospitex sending the Urine241 kit, the most innovative service available on the market in this field, to patients’ homes. On average, urinary tract cancers – mostly bladder cancers – affect nearly 30,000 new people a year in Italy, with most of them often asymptomatic. At the time of discovery, those people are already at an advanced stage, with fatal repercussions for them. This screening program will thus make possible to identify any neoplasms at an early stage and enable to intervene with therapies with a lower impact and a very high probability of cure.

Mario Crovetto, CEO of Ikonisys and Alessandro Nosei, general manager of Hospitex and responsible of development of Hospitex Solutions – Urine24, said: “This is an important milestone that we have just reached, further demonstrating the importance of combining our unique expertise, as it would officially and shortly materialize upon the closing of Ikonisys’ acquisition of Hospitex. The collaboration with Allianz Value in Italy, the company focusing on welfare services within Allianz S.p.A., demonstrates their confidence in our technology and will allow us to address an area of unmet medical need. This collaboration also opens new opportunities in the field of prevention, through predictive analytics. Indeed, we intend to further extend these initiatives towards a large-scale implementation of screening, to be able to identify those patients who are currently unaware that they have a disease in progress, similarly to what has already been successfully completed with the Pap test and HPV programs and with the faecal occult blood test”.

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