FactsNewsUrinary tract cancers: mass screening proposed starting at age 40

June 22, 2023

More than 30% of solid tumors affect the urinary system, as it serves as a filter for all the toxic substances we come into contact with.

Professor Ettore Mearini (full professor of Urology and Director of the Urology Clinic with Oncological Address in Perugia) recently highlighted the importance of prevention, an important tool for health and savings for the National Health System.

he results have shown that Liquid-Based Cytology has demonstrated better performance

The specialist explained that for mass screening, for bladder and prostate cancer prevention, it would be enough to conduct tests every 2 years in the age group most at risk (40 to 60 years old). However, for the bladder, there are risk conditions and behaviors that should prompt greater caution (such as smoking).

In these patients, it would be useful to propose a urinalysis, bladder ultrasound, and, in cases of persistent blood in the urine, do urinary cytology. These are simple tests that allow early interception of a tumor that can be removed in many cases by endoscopic surgery, significantly reducing mortality.

In short, compared with 20 years ago, in urologic oncology, the chance of cure has significantly increased thanks to early detection.

Authors: Francesco Guarino
Source: Il Messaggero -Giovedì 15 Giugno 2023
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Ettore Maerini, Director of the Urological Clinic with an Oncological Focus in Perugia.
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