CytologySolutionsCYTOfast Urine Solution – Centrifuge-Ready

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The CYTOfast Urine solution is the fixative and transport liquid specifically developed for urine collection. CYTOfast Urine has no haemolytic activity in order to ensure conservation of red blood cells, eventually present in urinary samples, to make them visible and diagnosable by the pathologist during the specimen analysis.

CYTOfast Urine ensures urine fixation for 14 days at room temperature in order to allow samples delivery by external patients and the relative slides preparation with no time restriction.

CYTOfast Urine solution is ready to use and it is stable for 24 months at room temperature.

Packaging: 12 conical-bottom 50 ml vials containing 20 ml of CYTOfast Urine solution. Suitable for internal hospital use. The conical-bottom vials are equipped with a special disposable cardboard base, removable at the time of centrifugation, totally recyclable, which allows to keep the vials vertically stable, facilitating the sampling phases.

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