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CYTOfast solution is the fixative liquid specifically designed and produced by Hospitex, dedicated to the preservation of cytological samples to be used with Hospitex LBC systems.

CYTOfast is a saline solution based on ethanol which ensures the perfect cytological material fixation and a safe operators’ handling at the same time.

CYTOfast fixative guarantees cytological samples morphological preservation for at least 8 weeks at room temperature. The genetic material of the collected samples is stored and available for the same time period of 8 weeks after collection, for molecular biology indepth analysis. For optimal samples fixation, it is recommended to respect the safety ratio between the sample and the fixative of 1:4, equivalent to the following volumes:

  • Maximum 5 ml of sample per 20 ml of CYTOfast solution (5 ml for each CYTOfast vial)

CYTOfast solution is ready-to-use and is stable for 24 months at room temperature.

The 5-lt formats are provided in plastic tanks, which are stackable and UN/ADR approved for land, air and sea transport of dangerous liquid products, according to UN legislation.

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