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Automatic nucleic acid extraction system

The VERI-Q PREP M16 device is used for the extraction of nucleic acids
The device is used to separate nucleic acids to the gene amplification test from blood, serum, salivary sample, tissue, etc.
The Sample Prep M16 system is a device, which is included in the membrane, to extract nucleic acid using a test tube.




• DNA/RNA extraction in 5~35 min

• 1~16 Tests per cycle

• Compact size 26 X 33 X 35 cm

• Weight: 12 kg

• 100 ~200 ul Sample volume

• 50, 100, 150 ul of volume elution

• 12V / 24V dry or car battery

• Tool 16 spin columns

• Two test reactions

• Cut-off: < 40 Ct


5-35 min per DNA/RNA extraction


Equipment:automated for the extraction of nucleic acids;
Protocol:simple implementation;
Samples:rhinopharynx and oropharynx (swab), blood and sputum, salivary;
Test pieces:use a silica membrane column for DNA/RNA extraction;
High sensitivity: (LoD) and specificity, 100% detection;
High precision:use of two sets of primers and target probes (N and ORF genes);
Kitsused : Veri-Q-Prep: extraction kit for 100 reactions.


Product brochure at the following link: Veri-Q Series Brochure – Hospitex – BR2111NAI

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