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Veri-Q PCR 316 is a tool to perform real-time PCR chain reaction that can quickly and accurately amplify target nucleic acid for viral presence diagnosis.

This tool can be used in the area of in vitro diagnosis and should be used by qualified personnel with appropriate professional skills.

This product is the tool to amplify nucleic acids (DNA and/or RNA) of specific genes of the microorganism using the principle of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enabling confirmation of gene amplification and accumulation in real time. Using the complementary primer for specific target genes and the probe marked with fluorescence dyes, the instrument measures the fluorescence generated during PCR amplification and then measures whether or not the gene is present in the samples and the initial amount. The fluorescence value generated to amplify genes with PCR is recorded in a photodiode and the fluorescent chromosomes mainly used are FAM, HEX, TEX and CY5, and can be measured selectively using LED light sources and interference filters.

Product brochure at the following link: Veri-Q Series Brochure – Hospitex – BR2111NAI

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