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Rapid Antigen Test using nose-oro-pharyngeal buffer for COVID-19 screening.

Our Antigen Rapid Test reOpenTest Antigen Rapid Test COVID-19 allows to obtain a confirmation on the presence of COVID-19 virus proteins in the sample taken in 10 minutes.

The reOpenTest COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test is included in the “COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Test Methods Database” and allows to release the Green Pass (if the collection and reporting are performed by authorized personnel at the National Health System of competence).

Reliable with high performance:

  • Sensitivity 95,8%
  • Specificity 99,0%

Sample type:

  • Nasopharyngeal swab
  • Oropharyngeal swab

Fast resultsin 10-15 minutes.

Easy to use, no additional equipment required.

Each box contains:

  • 25 test cassettes (individual foil bag sealed)
  • 25 reagent tubes / nozzle caps
  • 25 individually packed swabs
  • 25 nasopharyngeal swabs or oropharyngeal swabs
  • 1 package insert (instruction for user)

Price per box of 25 pieces:

62,50€ (2,50€ per piece)

Minimum order 50 pcs (or 2 packs).

The Rapid Antigen Tests can be quickly and easily purchased on this page, through the form below. It is required to select the desired quantity and indicate the shipping address during the purchase procedure (after clicking on the button).

NOTES: The price includes 10€ packaging and shipping. To receive the invoice, simply send your billing information to indicating the Paypal transaction code.

Confezione 25 Test Antigenici Rapidi COVID19
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