ServiziKit CYTOfast Urine24 - 3-Day Urine Cytology Examination



The CYTOfast Urine24 KIT is a urine collection kit for urine cytology examination on 3 specimens, sold in pharmacies, which includes telematic reporting service in the sale price.


Urine24 is the urine cytology reporting service from Hospitex International, based on its own laboratory which is specialized in standardized thin layer cytology. When you purchase the CYTOfast Urine24 KIT, you receive a kit for the collection of 3 urine samples over 3 days, once a day, including our specialized CYTOfast bottles with fixative, as well as a service where cytology test results are sent securely in an encrypted email.

A Urinary Cytology Exam, also called a Cytological Urinary Examination, is a non-invasive test done on urine samples aimed at examining the cells present, and specifically for the detection of urinary tract cancer cells.

With this type of examination it is possible to detect and provide an early diagnosis of urinary tract cancers such as kidney, ureter, bladder, or urethral cancer.

According to the best practice guidelines in the field of urinary cytology, it is advisable to perform the examination by collecting urine on 3 consecutive days to have a maximum availability of cells present in the samples. For this reason, the test generally prescribed by doctors is the so-called 3-Day Urine Cytology Examination (or  Urinary Cytology Examination on 3 Samples).

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