DERMOfastCovid 19 - SanitizersDERMOfast Plus 100 - Hydroalcoholic hands gel

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Properties: Ready-to-use spray hydro-alcoholic solution, cleanses and protects the skin of your hands. It is suitable for frequent use. It does not need rinse and acts effectively in a few seconds leaving the skin of the hands soft and fresh. Its formulation is effective for sanitizing the hands after possible contamination.

Applications: Especially suitable in all environments where maximum hygiene is required. It is recommended to use it in the absence of water to cleanse and protect the hands after contact with objects manipulated by others on public transport, in toilets, in stations, with money etc.

How to use it:Pour about 3ml on dry hands, then evenly fry the palm and back of your hands for 30/45 sec After applying the product it is not necessary to rinse your hands.

  • Immediate action without rinsing
  • Fast-evaporating ultralight gel
  • Double active ingredient for professional use

Dermatologically Tested


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