DERMOfastCovid 19 - SanitizersDERMOfast Baby 500 – Baby hands gel

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Properties:Ready-to-use gel hydroalcoholic solution, cleanses and protects your hands instantly. Suitable for frequent use for sensitive skins of children and the elderly. It doesn’t need rinse. It does not dry or crack the skin of the hands thanks to the increased amount of natural emollients. The primary active ingredient (alcohol) works effectively in seconds and natural active ingredients maintain protection over time.

Applications: It is recommended to use after contact with objects manipulated by others on public transport, in toilets, in schools.

How to use it: Pour the solution over dry hands, evenly fry the palm and back of your hands for 30/45 sec. After applying the product it is not necessary to rinse your hands. After applying the product it is not necessary to rinse your hands.

  • 100 natural exccipients
  • With long-acting active ingredients
  • With chamomile essential oil

Dermatologically Tested


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