CytologyInstrumentsCYTOfast Stainer

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Automatic bench stainer with integrated Touch Screen and a 25-trays work surface (320 ml total volume). Thanks to the small trays volume (200 ml of useful volume) there is a reduced contact surface between the dyes and the air, which offers the advantage of preserving the coloring and alcoholic solutions longer; this particularly allows to limit the alcoholic solutions evaporation, the hematoxylin oxidation and to consequently limit the waste of dye for the same number of slides processed.

Containment tanks resistant to xylene and to isoparaffinic clearing agents. 24-positions slide holder rack. Working mode in single rack or double slide holder racks simultaneously.

The system is equipped with 10 pre-set standard coloring methods and offers the possibility of editing and saving another 10 personalized methods directly by the laboratory operator.



  • Production volume (depending on the protocol used): up to 72 preparations/hour
  • Preparation loading position: 2
  • Manufacturer: Hospitex International S.r.l.


  • Power supply: 100 / 240V
  • Energy Consumption: 15 W
  • Working temperature: 15 °C – 40 °C
  • Noise: < 65 Dba
  • Dimensions: 980 (w) x 520 (d) x 600 (h) mm
  • Weight: 40 Kg
  • Relative humidity: Max 80 % at 31 °C, Min 50 % at 40 °C
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