CytologyInstrumentsCYTOfast Plus – Liquid based cytology processor for anatomic pathology

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CYTOfast Plus is the CYTOfast System innovative instrument dedicated to the processing of thin layer cytological preparations from liquid-phase samples and based on the patented Nephelometric Smart Technology (NST). 

The NST is a special optical analysis, developed from Hospitex, that detects the cellular concentration and automatically defines the ideal sample volume to take in order to obtain thin layer preparations which are 100% representative of the collected samples. 

The final thin layer preparations, obtained by a rapid centrifugation process, present the cytological sample disposed in a delimited area of the slide, represented by a 17-mm diameter circular spot. The CYTOfast thin layer preparations are perfectly representative and appropriate related to the collected samples thanks to the Balanced Equilibrium between cellularity and background material detected by the NST before processing the samples. 

The CYTOfast Plus system is the highest productivity system on the market, with a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 60 slides/hour, which corresponds to a sample processed per minute. 

The system is designed to process samples collected in CYTOfast vials containing a fixative liquid based on ethyl alcohol and methanol-free, thus offering the maximum safety for both operator’s and patient’s healthcare. 



  • Productivity: up to 1 sample per minute 
  • Reading position: 1 
  • Abort process: “Abort” button 
  • Manufacturer: Hospitex International S.r.l. 


  • Power supply: 12V dc – 1,2 A 
  • Energy consumption: 15 W 
  • Working Temperature: 15°C – 40°C 
  • Noise: < 65dBA 
  • Dimensions: 600(w) x 210(d) x 170(h) mm 
  • Weight: 4,5 Kg 
  • Relative humidity: Max 80% at 31°C, Min 50% at 40°C 

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