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The CYTOfast Liquids Solution is a fixative solution developed for the transport and conservation of cytological samples, particularly dedicated to the samples that are rich in extracellular or background material.

The 9×25 ml packaging consists of 9 pre-filled 50 ml tubes containing 25 ml of CYTOfast Liquids solution each. It is possible to collect up to 25 ml of sample in each tube, and store the sample at room temperature for 10 days.

The centrifuge tube format is useful for centrifuging the collected abundant sample in order to concentrate it and to remove part of the background material that may disturb the sample visibility at the same time. After centrifugation, the concentrated sample should be resuspended and decanted into a standard CYTOfast vial pre-filled with 20 ml of CYTOfast standard liquid.

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