CytologySolutionsCYTOfast Kit Urine – Eco Standalone

SKU: CYR000040



Urinary sample collection kit for the three-days cytology testing. Developed in accordance with the urinary cytology Paris System’s guidelines suggesting to collect at least 30 ml of urine per day, for three consecutive days. Suitable for home sample collection.

Composed of:

3 pre-filled 50 ml centrifuge vials with 20 ml of CYTOfast Urine preservative liquid.

Instructions for the patient.

Methanol free.

After collection, urinary samples are stably fixed for 14 days at room temperature in order to allow the patient-led samples delivery to the laboratory without any risk of degradation of the biological material. The conical-bottom vials are equipped with a special disposable cardboard base, removable at the time of centrifugation, totally recyclable, which allows to keep the vials vertically stable, facilitating the sampling phases.

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