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Digitization system for cytological samples loading 1 slide per batch. CYTOfast Digital Vision 1 represents the entry level system with sample manual loading but with all the Vision series’ features.


The Digital Vision’s product-line systems offer the possibility to automatically scan the cytological samples in order to obtain an high resolution digital copy viewable on the pc, so that a copy of each slide could be digitally stored and remote reporting could be possible, in every part of the world, also far away from the sample preparation point.

Remote reporting offers the solution to the pathologists and cytoscreeners shortage, getting more and more critical in many areas of the world, or to improve samples logistic and transport from the peripheral setting-up points towards the central reporting laboratory. The Digital Vision systems body is represented by an optical microscope, which is both the support where the digital samples scanning takes place and a tool to be used in standard mode to directly analyze the slides from the eyepieces.

All CYTOfast Digital Vision systems are equipped with a Vision-PAP analysis software that automatically detects and analyzes cell morphology of the scanned gynecological samples classifying each cell according to the Bethesda System guidelines.

The monitor display interface allows to analyze the entire sample and to observe it in its whole area moving freely all along its entire surface and zooming in at will (from 1x to 40x) using the pc mouse. The scanned samples are stored in digital form, in chronological order and remain available to the screener, who can select them on a monitor from the appropriate storage list.

In case of Pap Tests, once the sample to be analyzed has been selected, the screener has access to 4 analysis interfaces:

  1. A diagnosis support interface, where all the diagnostic aspects detected by the integrated analysis software are summarized
  2. An interface where the whole sample can be viewed and where it is possible to navigate and comfortably zoom with the use of the mouse and download the image
  3. An interface where every single cell with morphological lesions is classified and proposed on screen with the possibility, by the screener, to write notes or mark the most interesting cells.
  4. An interface where the screener is free to navigate and zoom on the whole sample and simultaneously have the classification of the damaged cells on the side of the screen.

The diagnostic support interface is simple and intuitive but rich in useful information for reporting, such as:

  • Sample type
  • Sample ID
  • Image Acquisition Date
  • Total number of cells in the sample
  • Number of cells per optical field (FN 22, 40x)
  • Number of NILM cells
  • Number of Reactive Changes cells
  • Number of cells with fungal infections
  • Number of cells with Herpes Simplex Virus infection
  • Number of Clue Cells
  • Number of ASC-US / AGC cells
  • Number of ASC-H / AGC-FN cells
  • Number of LSIL cells
  • Number of HSIL / AIS cells
  • Number of SCC / ADC cells

All Digital Vision systems can be interfaced with the laboratory computer system.

All Digital Vision systems are supplied including:

  • Vision-PAP software included
  • High performance personal computer included
  • High resolution monitor included
  • Bright field view
  • Automatic sample scanning
  • LIS interface

All the Vision series products meet the Industry 4.0 requirements to access the public contributions.

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