CytologySolutionsCYTOfast Centrifuge Ready Solution

SKU: CYR000130



CYTOfast Centrifuge Ready Solution 9 x 20 ml consists of 9 conical-bottom 50 ml tubes containing 20 ml of CYTOfast solution each.

The conical-bottom tubes are equipped with a special disposable cardboard base, which can be removed when centrifuged and is totally recyclable. This allows the tubes to be kept vertical and stable to facilitate the collection of urine samples.

The centrifuge-ready tubes also allow the technician to directly centrifuge the collected sample, with no need to decant them from a primary collection vial.

The CYTOfast Centrifuge Ready Solution is recommended when the collected samples are expected to be treated to reduce any possible  obscuring “background elements” (such as blood, mucus, etc.).

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