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BLOCKfast is the kit dedicated to setting up cell-blocks with an innovative and rapid method at room temperature. With a simple and safe chemical reaction between the provided reagents, it is possible to quickly and efficiently include samples in a synthetic matrix, without wasting time in heating or cooling any chemical component.

BLOCKfast kit features:

  • non-flammable reagents
  • method for multiple setting-up of several samples simultaneously
  • colored matrix for a quick identification of the paraffin-included sample
  • colored matrix to optimize the cutting phase
  • unaltered cell morphology
  • designed to perform morphological, immunohistocytochemical and molecular analysis

Kit for the preparation of about 50 cell-blocks.

It contains:

  • Reagent 1 – 4 x 10 ml vials with integrated dropper
  • Reagent 2 – 2 x 100 ml vials
  • 50 disposable spatulas
  • 50 disposable Pasteur pipettes for reagent 2 dispensing

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