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Hospitex International disposes of specialized storage and filling plants to manage alcoholic substances. Thanks to the business and logistics organization, Hospitex manages the whole supply chain of these solutions including the alcohol line, the denatured and the pure one, from the filling to the sale phase.

Hospitex offers the best ethyl alcohol types according to their use in Pathological Anatomy laboratories, in the 1-lt and 5-lt formats.

In addition to the laboratory purpose of use, the Hospitex alcohols intended uses include:

  • Laboratory use
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Perfumery Cosmetics

It is possible, under request, to receive quotations for personalized filling in the desired format and the production of alcoholic solutions of different gradation.

Neutral 96 ethyl alcohol, pure absolute 99.9 ethyl alcohol and the raw material subjected to denaturation of the denatured colorless types DS 96 and 99.9, are produced from sugar beet or cereals fermentation according to the C.E.E. 110/2008 (spirits) as well as to the European Pharmacopoeia’s current edition.

Molasses-alcohol subjected to denaturation for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use is Kosher – Cosmos – Ecocert certified. The European rules about food safety concerning the HACCP and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP/NBP) for pharmaceutical sector are observed: every aspect of a process, an activity and an operation is documented through appropriate registrations; the staff has previously received specific training and actively deals with cleaning and sanitizing. The sugar beet derivation product can be used for Biocide purposes, being included in the art. 95 ECHA Final List(Cas N 64-18-5, EC 200- 578-6).

Certifications and specific-subject declaration are available under request.

The 1-lt format is supplied in HDPE plastic material vials. The HDPE material, certified by the provider, is free of BPA (BISPHENOL A), phthalates and latex and does not contain or contains less than the 0.1% of substances that can be defined as “high concern”, identified as SVHC and listed in the candidates list in the XIV REACH annex.

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