FactsNews“Prevenzione Serena”, the new Oncology Screening Campaign

November 23, 2023

The organized cancer prevention screening program, “Prevenzione Serena,” has succeeded in fully recovering its pre-pandemic goals.

The Piedmont and Aosta Valley Oncology Network with the Reference Center for Epidemiology and Oncology Prevention in Piedmont set up an organized oncology screening program for the prevention and early detection of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer, which has fortunately resumed full operation.

News and Objectives

In light of what has emerged from the debate, Pathology emerges as a discipline in continuous evolution, thanks in large part to the ongoing technological development.

The possibility of comparison and the use of new technologies, introduced by the so-called ‘pathology 4.0,’ would allow the scientific community to lay the foundation for governing the third revolution that is impacting this profession and can ensure more precise and faster diagnoses.
The constant implementation of advanced digital instrumentation would lead to significant benefits for patients, allowing them access to the best healthcare pathways.

Hospitex has always understood the importance and supported these occasions, not only for the present but also for the future of Italian Pathology

Quality and Standards of the Campaign

In fact, Prevenzione Serena devotes special attention to communication in order to promote an informed choice in people invited to screening. The quality of the pathway is guaranteed by a monitoring information system, systematic verification of the achievement of standards and continuous improvement, high specialization, multi-professionalism and continuous training

As Hospitex International, we have been working alongside women for years to promote early diagnosis of Papilloma Virus, thanks to our dedicated tools for vaginal cytology, as well as services such as PapTest24 We support and publicize, therefore, all oncological screening initiatives, which invite preventive diagnostic examinations, as well as “Prevenzione Serena” in Piedmont.

Author: Health Care – Piedmont Region – 11 Novembre 2023

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