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February 10, 2022

For years, Hospitex International has been advocating for highlighting the importance of cervical cancer prevention and diseases and tumors in the ano-genital area.

The Pap test is the ‘life-saving examination’ that has made a decisive impact in the fight against cervical cancer.

PapTest24: What is it for

PapTest24 is born with the need to enable the early detection of cellular alterations that could, over time, transform into tumors
This screening test not only allows for the assessment of the overall condition of the uterus but also enables the detection of potential abnormalities in the cells of the cervix many years before the onset of cancer. It can identify the possible presence of fungal (such as Candida), bacterial, or viral infections, as well as benign growths like condylomas, which may not be visible to the naked eye

PapTest24 utilizes the latest technology in thin-layer slide preparation, providing the highest diagnostic precision available. Compared to conventional cytology, which offers a sensitivity of 50%, the thin layer provides unique advantages.

For Hospitex, the health of patients comes first, which is why the features of PapTest24 aim to streamline the daily work and routine of the gynecologist:
Zero inadequacy: With our technology, it is possible to clearly see all the cells on the slide.
Speed and expertise guaranteed by our team of experienced pathologists, ensuring reliable reports delivered promptly.
Additional investigations, can be conducted through the preservation of the sample in the Biobank vial, allowing for further tests without the need for repeat sampling.

On the Pap Test, there is circulating confusing information; let’s clarify together!

In an effort to dispel doubts and counter false information that could potentially confuse citizens on the subject, Hospitex has decided to create dedicated web and social media channels. These are intended for all those individuals who require informational support on the topic

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