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May 23, 2024

Hospitex, a proud member of the Ikonisys Group, has signed a new distribution partnership in Ukraine with Diagen LLC, a leading Ukrainian distributor and laboratory services provider. This collaboration aims at reinforcing the Company’s commitment to the global fight against cancer.
Despite the challenging environment amidst the war, this strategic alliance represents a significant step in Hospitex’s mission to enhance the accessibility of advanced cancer diagnostic tools and treatments and make innovative healthcare solutions available to those who need them most. The market for cytology in Ukraine is substantial with a growing emphasis on early cancer detection and preventive healthcare. Urinary cytology is also becoming more significant, with thousands of tests performed each year to diagnose and monitor urinary tract cancers. By introducing Hospitex’s advanced diagnostic products into this market, the aim is to significantly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of critical tests.

In the framework of this partnership, Diagen LLC will both distribute Hospitex’s cutting-edge technologies and use them in its own laboratory, particularly for Pap smear tests and urinary cytology. Thanks to Hospitex’s expertise, Diagen LLC will enable Ukrainian healthcare professionals to have access to reliable and precise diagnostic tools.
“Partnering with Diagen LLC in Ukraine during such tumultuous times is a testament to our dedication to the global fight against cancer and its spread worldwide”, said Francesco Trisolini, CEO of Hospitex. “We believe that every patient, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the best possible care. This initiative once again demonstrates our commitment to supporting healthcare systems and providing crucial medical supplies where they are most needed. Our new distributor and partner, Diagen LLC, shares our vision and commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. Together, we will focus on ensuring that even amidst adversity, the fight against cancer continues unabated.

The first delivery to Diagen LLC has recently been recorded contributing to H1 2024 Hospitex’s revenue. The next phase of this collaboration consists into introducing Ikonisys’ products into the Ukrainian market, further enhancing diagnostic capabilities and patient care.
Mario Crovetto, CEO of Ikonisys, declares: “We are thrilled to announce this new milestone as our ambition to contribute to the fight against cancer globally is very high. We look forward to providing active support to this territory in the midst of conflict and improve the lives of the population in need there.
This collaboration is part of Hospitex’s and Ikonisys’ broader strategy to expand their global footprint and provide essential medical technology to underserved regions.
By enhancing their distribution network, the Companies are taking proactive steps to address the global burden of cancer, delivering hope and improved health outcomes to communities in need.

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