BLOCKfast reinvented Histology

BLOCKfast+ Kit components

Chemical solutions for instant gelation of the sample
Disposable materials for the preparation of 50 cell blocks (pipettes, pasteur, spatulas)
Dedicated inclusion cassettes to increase productivity

The fastest method in the world

BLOCKfast is the only technology in the world that allows you an immediate preparation of the cytological sample to be included in paraffin.

BLOCKfast+ Compatible with all histological systems

Fluorescence microscopy
Morphology coloring
Special coloring


With BLOCKfast it is also possible to report inadequate cytological samples. Background materials that can produce an inadeguate cytological slide, with BLOCKfast technology they allow the realization of reportable samples.

Stable samples for 20 years

The result of the sample included in paraffin remains stable for years, ensuring access to reading over time.–-il-mondo-della-citologia.jpg


We always think about who in the lab is there every day. That’s why our solutions are so simple.

Multiple set up

It is possible to prepare multiple samples instantly

Instant setup

The innovative formula of reagents used allows the cell block preparation included without the use of microwave or other instruments to dissolve the matrix.

Non-toxic reagents

The new reagents are completely free of toxic or carcinogenic substances.

Not inflammable

The reagents are safe and inert, so they do not impact the fire load for the purposes of safety regulations.

Proud producers of the simplest, most effective and cheapest technology in the world.

With the lowest cost per kit and the fastest processing time on the market, Blockfast represents the most convenient solution for cyto-enclosed preparation.

Benchmark Citoincluso

Benchmark TechnologiesBlockfastTraditionalAgar – gel
Equipment neededNoneNoneRequired to dissolve the matrix
Processing time (excluding paraffin inclusion) 5-10’Overnight20′
Time constraints to be respected during processing 5′Overnight Set up before the matrix solidifies – Wait for the matrix to solidify after setting up
Preparation of multiple samples in the same cycleYes, with any number of samples Yes, with any number of samplesLimited to the matrix solidification time
Possibility of analysis of the cell block on the same day of the sample collectionYesNoYes

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