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November 23, 2021

Hospitex International CEO Francesco Trisolini, gave an interview included in Global Business ReportsItaly Life Science 2021.

Officially launched at CPhI Worldwide 2021 in Milan, the report is a reference guide for the industry.

The pandemic has been a catalytic event for the Italian life sciences industries: supply and demand have struggled to find a balance, the M&A industry has witnessed record-breaking transactions, and the health care system itself has become an investment priority at both the national and European levels.

The Report

The report examines the impact of the pandemic on the fundamentals of the supply chain for acute and chronic therapies, assesses the level of attention Italian innovators receive from international investors, and explores how the healthcare system navigates the balance between the needs of patients and the demands of the industry.

The authors also aim to emphasize Italy’s potential to address structural issues highlighted by the pandemic. Additionally, they intend to explore the role that digital health could play in facilitating remote consultations and disease monitoring.

Hospitex International’s innovative technology aligns with this context. Francesco Trisolini explained the distinctions from conventional cytology technology, stating, “Our technology boasts a 10-fold efficiency factor compared to the conventional method, delivering results within 24 hours.”

See the full report for more details.

Congresso Triennale di Anatomia Patologica SIAPeC
Interview with Francesco Trisolini, included in Global Business Reports’ Italy Life Science 2021.
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