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Vision & Mission

We want to make diagnostics accessible to all inhabitants of the world. To do this, we create simple, innovative, effective tools.
We manufacture and market medical diagnostic laboratory equipment, with a focus on thin-layer cytology and advanced solutions, including molecular biology.
Hospitex International is an innovative PMI that, drawing on the expertise of a team with over 50 years of experience in in-vitro diagnostics, has elevated cytological diagnostic systems to a higher level in terms of the quality of preparations and reporting productivity.
The company is based in Sesto Fiorentino, in the district of the Florence area, which holds a global leadership in professional and industrial expertise related to IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics).
Our goal is the implementation of technology for Oncological Digital Pathology. This would be the first solution for remote cancer diagnostics. This is to make the possibility of pathological diagnosis by top-tier physicians available anywhere in the world.

Who we are

Patologi 2030

Comparison of pathologists, year 2020 vs. year 2030

Furthermore, by analyzing the age distribution of pathologists it is easy to understand their future shortage. This could lead to a collapse in the management of oncological diseases and their diagnosis.
We believe the solution lies in artificial intelligence and automation.
We cannot replace human beings, but we can make their work much more efficient. Offering a solution that safeguards medical know-how and protects general health.


To achieve our objectives we need to intercept financial resources.
In our near-term future, we envision a funding round from a Venture Capital fund or through crowdfunding to leverage and implement the Digital Pathology project.
In the long term, we see a potential opening to the market.
The revenues are recorded in the financial statements on an accrual basis, net of returns, allowances, discounts, and incentives, as well as taxes.
directly related to them.
The most significant items consist of:

Business lines

Other revenues represent the total amount of goods marketed during the financial year, as well as the
proceeds deriving from the activity of providing services to customers.
Item A5 also includes financial contributions paid by various bodies, such as fund contributions
lost, various tax credits. In detail, the above refer to the tax credit for related research and development
for the 2020 financial year for 59,639 euros relating to the CYTOFAST project and the non-repayable contribution of 60,500.00 euros for


Hospitex ecognizes an extremely high value in its project and consequently, to protect itself, it has developed numerous patents, many of which have a very advanced expiry date.
This entails a protected and organic development, without the fear of aggressive entry by a competitor or an external company
Hospitex, also has ISO 13485 certification for Medical Devices.
This allows us to manufacture and market diagnostic laboratory equipment worldwide, with a supply capability that also includes all consumables and reagents for sample preparation and analysis.


Market Data

Hospitex competes in one of the fastest-growing sectors in Italy.
The revenue generated by Italian-owned companies in the Biotech sector continued a growth trend, despite the phase due to the pandemic, while the biotech sector as a whole experienced a contraction.
Furthermore, specifically analyzing the global cytological and histological sector, an estimate is made of annual sector growth rate of 13% per year., which corresponds to a value of 37 billion in 2028.
The histological and cytological sector is estimated at Growth Continue due to the aging global population and the increasing accessibility to healthcare and diagnostics.
Hospitex embraces the idea that every human being deserves to be treated with the best available technologies.
In this context, Hospitex aims to offer the best technology at an affordable price to support and contribute to this trend, providing every individual with the opportunity to know their health status.
Hospitex has proven to be a company with a strong ability to create value.
Hospitex’s revenue growth has been in line with the growth rates of the aggregate of Italian biotech companies, while in the previous period, specifically 2019-2020, it significantly outperformed the market.
This highlights the merit of the Hospitex project, receiving positive feedback from the market and emphasizing the management’s ability to enhance the market response.

Financial Hospitex International


Industrial plan

Hospitex industrial plan is based on 4 pillars arising from the respective business lines.
We are investing in the development of CYTOfast AUTO to offer mass screening programs and subsequently close the supply chain by internally developing the components.
We believe in a Digital Pathology project. Currently, there are systems that enable this technology, but they are inefficient and closed both in terms of hardware and software. So there is the possibility of using a single scanner offered by a single third party. Hospitex’s development objectives aim to open integration with multiple scanner manufacturers on the hardware side and to develop an open software system with standardized slides and the possibility of machine learning. Furthermore, access to the platform will be structured as an annual subscription, with different service tiers to adapt to the specific needs of customers.
This business unit is at the core of building the dataset that will support AI and Machine Learning.
The third business line involves establishing Hospitex laboratories around the world. At the core of Hospitex values is the desire to provide accessible early cancer diagnostics to all individuals. While we want to make ourselves interesting to developed markets through a fast and reliable proposal. The workshops have a strong tactical and strategic impact. We see the laboratories as accelerators for other product lines.
Finally, there is Hospitex PapTest24, an online e-commerce service integrated with the Digital Pathology business unit. It is a strategic business unit for developing relationships and partnerships. In fact, it can be emphasized through Hospitex laboratories or integrated with other laboratories, thereby generating a steady stream of income. For laboratories, it is an ‘immediate’ investment with limited operating and capital expenses. There is only the payment of a fee for each revenue, transforming into a variable cost for the laboratory.


The management is primarily composed of Giuseppe Bellando Randone, Francesco Trisolini, and Alessandro Nosei.
Giuseppe is an industry expert with a successful managerial career in Big Pharma and global players in diagnostics. A leader in operational excellence with a proven track record in creating and launching programs worldwide. He graduated in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and later obtained an MSc in SDA Bocconi HealthCare Management.
Francesco, thanks to his deep knowledge of market trends, vision in Research and Development, and established relationships in the scientific community, emerges as a visionary leader. He studied Business at the European School of Economics and Finance at the London Business School.
Alessandro has 15 years of experience as a General Manager in small to medium-sized high-growth enterprises. He studied Finance at Nottingham Trent University and Strategic Marketing at UC Berkeley, California.
The company currently consists of 15 employees.



Hospitex believes in R&D as a means to develop human potential and concretely improve the lives of individuals
One of the best paths identified is collaboration with the scientific community, providing professors and students with free access to slides and reports. This gives them the opportunity to engage and, in the future, make a difference.
At present, we have collaborations with numerous universities and institutions, including CNR (Italy), Institut Pasteur (France), Dublin City University (Ireland), Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France), Xennia Technology Limited (UK), Uratim Gyarto Korlatolt Felelosegu Tarsasag (Hungary), European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopies (Italy), and the University of Florence (Italy).
CYTOfast is a Hospitex International Srl brand

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