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October 30, 2023

La Tuscany Life Sciences Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been operating since 2005 with the goal of support research activities in the field of biotechnology applied to human health, stands as a aggregator e system facilitator in the field of life sciences, both locally and on international projects.

Born in Siena, today the foundation is a landmark in the field and has managed to become an attractor of resources and projects. TLS to achieve these goals has created the bioincubator, where it provides space, technology platforms and services and offers support in industrial, scientific and business development.

Hospitex International has chosen to join the TLS bioincubator

“Our work is inherently multidisciplinary, grounded in technical and scientific principles. The Toscana Life Sciences Foundation serves as a magnet for the diverse energies, ideas, and skills essential to our company. The Hospitex project, supported by a hub like TLS, is poised to gain greater appeal and visibility. Furthermore, given the high technological investments in our industry, we are actively seeking industrial and financial partners to expedite the global development and commercialization of our technologies.” Francesco Trisolini, CEO Hospitex International.

For more information, see the full interview with Francesco Trisolini, CEO Hospitex International

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Hospitex International has chosen to join the TLS bioincubator.
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