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November 3, 2022

The Italian Cevicocarcinoma Screening Group (GISCI) promotes the diffusion and improvement of the quality of cervical cancer screening activities ,encouraging contacts with programs present in Italy and multidisciplinary comparison between the various professionals and operators involved.

The screening programs represent the Association’s main tool as well as one of the largest public health experiences present in Italy today and significantly impact the country’s prevention panorama. Cervical cancer screening has over the years drastically reduced the frequency of invasive tumors, on the basis of this evidence the GISCI is strongly committed to improving the communication aspect with women and promoting the quality of the various phases of the process, precisely because a high quality program allows to reduce the possible negative effects of screening.

The objective is therefore to encourage informed and conscious participation of the population and to provide communication support tools to the screening operators.

The Conference

The annual National Conference proves to be the salient point for the evaluation of the achievement of these objectives, an opportunity to examine the results of the various screening programs and more specifically the analysis of their degree of implementation in the implementation of the National Prevention Programme.

Hospitex International was present on 27 and 28 October in Verona and is proud to support and promote the quality of the programs as well as innovation and research in the sector, which is the basis of the work of the GISCI association.

Convegno GISCI 2022- Verona
GISCI 2022 annual conference, 27 – 28 October in Verona
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