EventsNewsHospitex opens the Cytological Analysis Laboratory in Sesto Fiorentino.

February 16, 2023

On February 15, 2023, at via Giovanni Amendola 56 in Sesto Fiorentino, there was theThe inauguration of Hospitex International’s Cytology Laboratory , took place on February 15, 2023, at via Giovanni Amendola 56 in Sesto Fiorentino. The event saw the participation of Mayor Lorenzo Falchi, Deputy Mayor Claudia Pecchioli and Camilla Sanquerin, Councillor for Social Policies and President of the Fiorentina Nord-Ovest Health Society.
Hospitex International has been producing and marketing instruments and consumables for diagnostic laboratories for over 50 years. For approximately 20 years, it has specialized in Precision Cytology, developing cutting-edge proprietary technologies in the field.

Project Purpose

The decision of Hospitex’s CEO, Francesco Trisolini, to open a Cytological Analysis Laboratory in Sesto FiorentinoThe decision of Hospitex’s CEO to open a Cytological Analysis Laboratory in Sesto Fiorentino, in close proximity to the company’s operational headquarters, serves a dual purpose: on one hand, having an excellent environment to showcase the company’s instruments to opinion leaders. Precision Cytology on Standardized Thin-Layer, On the other hand, making the best resources in the field of cytological reporting available to doctors and patients.

The laboratory

In particular, samples collected nationwide through the pharmacy channel, thanks to the KIT CYTOfast Urine24 product developed by the company in the last months of 2022 and recently distributed, will be processed at the Hospitex Laboratory in Sesto Fiorentino.

The CYTOfast Urine24 KIT, consisting of a urine collection kit available for purchase in pharmacies and a reporting service included in the kit, stems from Hospitex’s ongoing commitment to advancing its corporate vision: making oncological diagnostics faster, simpler, and more accessible.

Urinary tract tumors represent a high percentage of cancers detected in the Italian population, and their identification often occurs after the onset of symptoms. With the Urine24 protocol, Hospitex aims to achieve the most precise, reliable, and fast oncological screening of the urinary tract through private initiative.

From the urine collection methodology to the reporting method, The Paris System, through the cytological processing on standardized thin-layer, all contribute to making Urine24 the reporting service, available to both doctors and patients, more reliable for the early diagnosis of urinary tract tumors.

The Sesto Fiorentino Laboratory will therefore be the main reporting hub for this important nationwide initiative, becoming central for medical-scientific dissemination as it will be used as an example, replicable on a large scale, of private initiatives in the field of oncological screening.
The Inauguration of Hospitex International Laboratory, February 15, 2023.
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