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November 10, 2023

Hospitex Digital Pathology is the world’s first vertically integrated Digital Pathology platform from cytology collection to patient reporting.

The innovative technology leverages the CYTOfast System, the only system to guarantee a standardized thin layer, an indispensable factor for the progression of Artificial Intelligence.

The single-layer slide also allows, a single plane focus, which facilitates the optical reader, making scanning fast, accurate and efficient.

The authors of the scientific article “Diagnostic Cytopathology”, through the examination of various published studies on digital cytology and the analysis of its perspectives, were able to ascertain that the use of virtual cytology is experiencing a substantial increase over traditional slide microscopy.

Whole slide imaging (WSI) offers the prospect of true virtual microscopy and, in the near future, may even replace slides in routine practice.
Digital cytopathology is seen as a promising field that can have a great impact on diagnosis, research and teaching.

Hospitex Digital Pathology is Hospitex International’s answer designed to offer the best solution and meet the needs of the clinician, technician and patient.

The main goal is to combine the best diagnostic accuracy with ease of diagnosis.

Authors: Pranab Dey, Baneet Bansal, Tarunpreet Saini
Source: Diagnostic Cytopathology, January 12, 2023
To read the full study, please refer to the scientific article

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