EventsSuccess of the 1st Urinary Cytology Congress.

March 28, 2023

In the world of cytology, the urine branch is an isolated realm governed by standard rules that are still underutilized

The working group, The Paris System (TPS)composed of cytopathologists, anatomopathologists, and urologists, has published a standardized reporting system that includes specific diagnostic categories and cytomorphologic criteria for a reliable diagnosis of high-grade urothelial carcinoma (HGUC)

The Urinary Cytology Congress organized by Hospitex aimed to spread the word about TPS and showcase case studies where standardized reporting has expedited the work of medical professionals.

The response from the Directors of Pathology and laboratory technicians has exceeded the most optimistic expectations: the auditorium of theIstituto Auxologico San Luca was full, with 78 participants, more than half of whom were interested in the speakers and the topic as mere listeners, while the other half participated with the aim of obtaining ECM.

What benefits did the Urinary Cytology Congress bring?

Throughout the day, over a dozen individuals stopped by the Hospitex booth to receive more information from our Product Manager about the operation of CYTOfast PlusAdditionally, more than twenty people expressed interest in participating in on-site demonstration workshops. These are very encouraging numbers for a startup hosting its inaugural congress, also the first of its kind in Italy on this topic.

The Congress highlighted the potential of Hospitex, showcasing technologically advanced products available to the entire Italy. It also demonstrated that despite the small size of the company, it is still strong. and with well-defined objectives that the management is capable of achieving.

The congress has increased awareness among Italian pathologists about the need for more training regarding TPS and, at the same time, the necessity for semi-automatic and automatic instrumentation for sample analysis.

Why would automatic tools facilitate medicine?

This is actually a very delicate aspect because the average age of pathologists is around 55 years old. S tudies indeed show that in 10 years, there will be a drastic decline in professionals in the field globally. Automatic tools can support human work by reducing waiting times, allowing specialists to dedicate more time to observing any suspicious samples under the microscope.

No matter how technological development progresses, there will always be an aspect of the analysis process that can never be fully covered by machines; the human element will always be indispensable, only facilitated by technology.

The 2022 Urinary Cytology Congress in Milan, therefore, marked only the beginning of Hospitex International’s ascent in the Italian healthcare market, marking a significant turning point in the field of cytology.
The 1st Urinary Cytology Congress, organized by the Auxologico Institute and Hospitex International.
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