Hospitex Digital Pathology

The only vertically integrated Digital Pathology System

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Hospitex Digital Pathology

The world’s most advanced cytological diagnostic system


Hospitex Digital Pathology

The 1st Digital Pathology platform in the world, vertically integrated
from cytological sampling to patient’s report.

Platform Architecture

Discover HDP architecture, configure your laboratory network and calculate operating costs for a full digital network.
HDP CYTOfast Kit
The complete Hospitex sample kit for each type of cytological sample. Once collected in the CYTOfast bottle, the sample is stored for 8 weeks at room temperature and can be transported with standard logistics to the Processing Center.
HDP CYTOfast System
Hardware Hospitex System completed with Processor, CytoCentrifuge, Digital Microscope and Reading Workstation in order to transform your traditional laboratory in an HDP Processing Center.
HDP Platform
Architecture that integrates Hardware, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Systems, Sensitive data management and control Dashboard in one single solution. HDP is the only all-in-one solution from sampling to digital report.
HDP Sampling Point
Sampling Point, which can be a single Gynaecologist, Clinic or Hospital. It is enough to send the biological sample to the closest HDP Processing Centre, in order to get the report in 48 hours.
HDP Processing Center
Processing Centre equipped with CYTOfast System, that receives samples, processes, digitalize and makes them available on the HDP Platform. Simple, innovative and effective instruments designed to be used successfully even by unskilled technicians.
HDP Pathologist Station
Top features reading station dedicated to the Pathologist, equipped with client hardware architecture and dedicated software, able to guarantee the maximum reading efficiency as well as managing secure access to the digital signature of the report.
HDP Partner Headquarters
The headquarters of the customer, equipped with HDP Platform control Dashboard, functional to monitor all operational workflows, coordinate administrative data and billing.
HDP Platform Service
Hospitex control centre, located at Hospitex Headquarters, from where all flows of HDP Platforms are monitored, and technical, operational, hardware and software support is provided to the customer in real time.
Hospitex Learning Center
The repository of knowledge, to which all the pathologists can access in order to see real cases of reports, dialogue with colleagues, improve their knowledge.
Hospitex Pathologist Center
The center of excellence of Hospitex Anatomy Pathology, to outsource the report in case there are no pathologists available on the territory.
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Hospitex Digital Pathology
Core Features

Control and Monitoring DashBoard
Control the entire network in real time with a DashBoard control. All KPIs at your fingertips.
Integration with ERP
Integrate the Hospitex Digital Pathology system with your administrative management, for maximum operational efficiency.
Security and GDPR Compliance
The management of sensitive patient data is the first priority of the IT architecture designed for HDP.
Unlimited scalability
Start with a thin layer processing center. Digital scale. Add WorkStation. Integrate other Centers. Connect to Hospitex Pathologist Center.
Computer Vision and AI
Improve the reliability of the report and reduce reading time with the support cellular morphology recognition AI software.
Big Data & Pathomics
Each report improves the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. This ensures continuous improvement of the Pathologist’s reading support software.
BlockChain Notorization
With the Blockchain technology the data of the report is notarized: certain date and certain content to guarantee and protect the patient and the entire supply chain.
HDP Workflow Ready
HDP Platform offers structured processes designed to achieve maximum machining efficiency. It also meets the ISO requirements, simplifying time and costs of quality certifications.
HDP IsoCrome Technology
From processing and staining of the slide, to the configuration of digital microscopes, to reading monitors set with Standard parameters, images always have the same color rendering, for better reading and development of AI.
Smart Connection Engine
Whatever the quality of your band, bitlocker splitting system ensures remote reading reliability, realigning the systems in the event of data breaks.
HA Stability
HDP systems guarantee the highest uptime standards available on the market. Data is stored on dedicated servers, with continuous backup, in order to ensure maximum safety in the provision of the service.
h24 Technical support
For any technical problem your structure will have a direct help desk, for remote problem solving.
CYTOfast Plus technology equipped slide

It all begins here

Only a slide with standard features allows to develop Artificial Intelligence.

Hospitex Nephelometric Smart Technology is the only patented technology in the world, to ensure thin layer slides with an appropriate ratio between cells and background material, respect for morphology and cell clusters.

The thin layer Hospitex slide is the indispensable prerequisite for any Digital Pathology solution.

Optimized Image Digitization

CYTOfast System is the only system in the world that guarantees a standardized thin layer,
an indispensable factor for the progression of Artificial Intelligence.
Focusing on a single plan, facilitates the optical reader, making scanning faster, more precise and more efficient.
Hospitex Digital Pathology -Example of digitized sample




Zoom pap smear cells with Thin Layer Technology


Hospitex Liquid based Technology- Highest zoom level


CYTOfast IsoCrome Technology
The system conceived at the origin for Artificial Intelligence

CYTOfast Processor
The heart of the System. The only Liquid Based Cytology system with Dynamic Standardizaton Technology
CYTOfast Stainer
Papanicolau Hospitex Stainer with coloring for maximum color rendering and standardization required by AI.
CYTOfast Microscope
Digital Microscope configured directly at the manufacturer’s factory with specifications dedicated to the HDP architecture.
HDP Pathologist Station
The Reading Station for the Pathologist, with biometric recognition and Isochromatic Monitor.

HDP Workflow
We take care of everything


Hospitex Digital Pathology
The complexity made easy

Hospitex Digital Pathology has been designed to offer the best solution to meet the needs
of doctors, technicians and patients. Our first goal is to combine the best diagnostic accuracy
with the simplicity of diagnosis.
Simplified Collection
Once the sample has been taken, simply collect it in the CYTOfast bottle and send it safely to the Processing Center thanks to the cytological fixative contained in the bottle.
Standard Shipping
The CYTOfast vial can be shipped with any standard carrier at room temperature.
Skill-free processing
CYTOfast System has been developed to be successfully used even by unskilled personnel.
Simplified Reporting
Perfect images, 100% representative slides, read support software, all wherever you are.
Automatic report management
Simplify management. Each report is automatically generated, signed, transmitted and stored digitally.
Immediate cost control
Transparent service costs. Zero operational management costs. Everything’s under control with the Executive Dashboard.
Best service
The patient receives the report directly by email. Service with the highest quality, made it quick and easy.
To learn better
CYTOfast System is designed to be simple even for Artificial Intelligence. To learn better and faster.

Pricing & Configurator

Find out in how many cities on your territory you want to install an HDP Processing Center. Define how many Reading Stations for Pathologists you want. Set up your lab network now.

HDP CYTOfast System

€ 80.000 / System

HDP Pathologist Station

€ 3.000 / WorkStation

HDP Learning Center


HDP CYTOfast Kit

€ 5 / Test

HDP Cloud Platform

€ 2 / Digital Slide Managed

HDP Pathologist Center

€ 10 / Report

HDP Platform Service

€ 100 Month/Center





Hospitex Pathologist Center.
Outsource Reporting. Everywhere.

The use of CYTOfast technology, combined with the expertise of the best pathologists of the Italian school, is currently the solution that guarantees the highest diagnostic standard in the world.
Accredited medical pathologists with at least ten years of experience in reporting.
Double Human Control: Supervision of a Senior Pathologist for each doubtful Report.
Verticalization of the reports according to the Pathologist’s niche competence.
Pathological analysis of several cells, performed in the laboratory by scientists with lab coats, test tubes and microscopes

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