CYTOfast Plus
The world’s No. 1 solution for thin layer liquid cytology

CYTOfast Plus
System Components

The processor is the heart of the CYTOFast Plus system
and incorporates all the latest technologies
An instrument set to specific values
designed to perfectly complete the process
Automated Stainer
Automatic stainer for a standardized result
in all conditions

CYTOfast Plus
Our Technologies

Nephelometric Smart Technology
Filter Less CYTOfast Plus
Thin Layer Standard
Cluster Morphology Integrity Technology
CYTOfast Plus Intelligent Biological Counter
Cellular Optimization Technology
Dynamic Sample Aliquots Selection
Extended Preservation Technology
Sample Slide Safe Matching Process

CYTOfast Plus
Dedicated to pathologists

We have thought about pathologists, their work and the responsibility
they face every day in making accurate and reliable diagnoses.

That’s why image quality is our main goal.

Smart Technology

Thanks to the Nephelometric Reading, CYTOfast Plus allows to detect the presence of disturbing materials and automatically manages them in order to produce 100% adequate,
representative and always reportable slides.
Sample free of noise elements
100% standard thin layer
Ultra High Celluar Density
Total fidelity of the sample represented
Hospitex Cytology - Blue Cell

CYTOfast Plus Technology

The slide produced with CYTOfast Plus is representative of the sample collected, with all background elements. The presence of white, red and platelet cells, arranged in thin layer, allows to obtain a complete reading and avoiding overlapping and artefacts on target cells.
Comprehensive and accurate diagnosis
Easy to read
Thin layer without cellular overlay

Cellular And Cluster
Morphology Integrity

CYTOfast Plus respects cell and cluster morphology. The set-up system keeps the morphological characteristics of the cells unaltered, making them uniform. Given the reduced physical stress to which the samples are subjected, cell clusters remain intact, providing more information for the pathologist.
No specific training required for reading images
More diagnostic elements than other technologies
Hospitex Cytofast - Cells under the microscope
Zoom pap smear cells with Thin Layer Technology

Slide 100%
representative of the sample

Unlike others technologies, the slide produced with CYTOfast Plus guarantees the presence of all the characteristic elements of the sample,
for maximum reading reliability
Speed - Velocity and dynamism on the Highway

Maximum slide
reading speed

The quality of the preparation and the image obtained, allows to complete the diagnosis with a saving of up to 90% of the time compared to a traditional slide

in report result

The increase in sensitivity and specificity compared to traditional slides performs in the perfect quality and completeness of the image shown,
allowing diagnostic reports with the highest degree of reliability

CYTOfast Plus
Optimized for technicians

The laboratory technician who makes the set-up has specific needs.

Easiness, flexibility and safety are our watchwords.

Ease of use
never seen before

Thanks to the integrated screen all set-up operations are guided for the operator.
The ease of use allows rapid learning in using the system
for 100% productivity already on the 2nd day of use.
Ease of use of the system
100% productivity in 24h from setup
Slide set-up speed
Reduced instrument size
In Modern Laboratory Senior Female Scientist Discusses Work with Young Female Assistant. Laboratory Has Computers, Beakers and Other Technology for High Tech Scientific Analysis.
Hospitex-Cytofast - The world of Cytology

Cellular Optimization

From 5 to 200 slides from the same sample. Thanks to the Smart Technology,
CYTOfast Plus optimizes 100% of the cells collected and distributes them automatically in thin layer.
This allows the set up of the maximum number of slides to be set up starting from the same sample

Optical analysis
Software processing
Dynamic slide set-up
Preservation of residual material

Dynamic Sample
Aliquote Selection

Thanks to the adaptive technology, the system allows to choose the amount of cellular material
whereby preparing the slide. In this way the cell density distributed in thin layer can be diversified.
Slide customization on pathologist’s needs
Possibility to allocate a quota for Molecular Biology investigations
Multiple setup options with preferred quota
Stem cells on colorful background, 3D illustration

Intelligent Slide

Thanks to the optical system present in the system, it is possible to detect in advance
how many slides you need from the same sample so as to be able to establish
the priorities and analysis strategies upstream.
Multiple slide processing in the same batch
The maximum rapidity for multiple analysis on the market associated with thin layer quality.

Extended Preservation

Thanks to the special chemical formulation of the fixative liquid, the CYTOfast Plus System guarantees the cellular preservation of the sample for at least 8 weeks at room temperature and the carrying out of molecular biology investigations. This allows setting up a first series of slides for preliminary analysis, and then to use the same sample for other cytological or molecular biology analyzes.
8 weeks of cellular preservation
Room Temperature, Refrigeration Free
8 weeks of preservation for Molecular Biology
Easy and safe transport without degradation risks.
Hospitex Liquid based Technology- Highest zoom level

Zeroing of
not adequate

Thanks to the automatic detection of the sample cell quantity, CYTOfast Plus dispenses a standardized aliquote of cellular material on the slide. This allows always the assurance of a perfect slide at the first set up.

Repeating the sample is just a thing of the past.
Hospitex Cytology - Pink Cells

Maximum safety
Fixative without methanol

CYTOfast Plus is the only system in the world that does not use methanol
as a fixative. Methanol has a non-perceptible olfactory threshold,
and involves high-level risks for the operator. Mere prolonged exposure causes blindness.

CYTOfast Plus: the safest system in the world for the operator and patients.
Scanning the bar code on the tube in white medical lab by nurse in white rubber gloves. In the background is a computer keyboard with the mouse. In the foreground a laser barcode scanner.

Sample Slide Safe
Matching Process

The system confirms the matching between sample and slide
and it reports any anomalies.

This eliminates the possibility of mistake associating a slide
with a sample of another patient.

Slide Display

Benchmark Equipments CYTOfast Traditional Cytology Filtering Sedimentation Cytocentrifuge
Homogeneous monolayer quality++++++++++
Representativeness between preparation and samples without background material: +++ + +++ +++ +
Representativeness between preparation and samples with background material: +++ + + ++ +
Alteration of the cell morphology due to the preparation technology +++ +++ + +++ +++
Slide reading speed+++ + +++ ++ +

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