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December 4, 2022

Urinary Cytology Examination, also called Urine Cytology Examination,is a noninvasive test done on urine samples aimed at detecting cells present, particularly cancer cells.
With this type of examination, it is possible to detect urinary tract tumors early, namely kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra tumors.
According to urinary cytology guidelines, it is advisable to perform the examination by collecting urine over three consecutive days to ensure maximum cellular availability. For this reason, the test prescribed by doctors is the so-called Three-Day Urinary Cytology Examination.

CYTOfast Urine24 is a kit for at-home urine collection over 3 days, complete with a results reporting service. It is the first Urinary Cytology Test for oncological self-screening., available for purchase directly in pharmacies and on the official website of Hospitex International.

Why choose CYTOfast Urine24?

With the development of the CYTOfast Urine24 Kit, Hospitex aims to provide an accurate, efficient, and simple service, facilitating the patient throughout the entire process of reporting the urine sample.

Urinary tract tumors are asymptomatic during their formation, and by the time noticeable symptoms appear, it is often too late to administer successful therapies. Urine24 is the first cytological test kit available on the market that enables early diagnosis of urinary tract tumors: Kidneys, Bladder, Ureter.
In the case of a positive report, it will indeed be possible to administer medical treatments promptly, maximizing the chances of recovery.

Urine24 combines the most advanced offerings of medicine, technology, and science to provide the examination with the highest sensitivity available on the market.

The best possible collection, for the most reliable result

Hospitex International’s urine cytology reporting service is based on its specialized standardized thin layer cytology laboratory.

When you purchase the CYTOfast Urine24 KIT, you receive the collection kit of 3 urine specimens with fixative, as well as the cytology examination report, sent by email in encrypted form.

The patient purchases the kit, collects the samples at home, returns the samples to the pharmacy, and after a few days, receives the reported test results directly via encrypted email.

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CYTOfast Urine24 kit is the first oncology Urinary Cytology Examination, manufactured by Hospitex International.
CYTOfast is a Hospitex International Srl brand

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