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May 5, 2021

At Hospitex, we are no strangers to innovation and are committed to creating the best and most effective solutions for cytology.

Our CYTOfast Plus system is dedicated to thestaging of thin-layer cytology preparations from liquid phase specimens, based on the patented Nephelometric Smart Technology (NST) staging technology.

NST technology is a special optical analysis developed by Hospitex, which detects the cell concentration of samples and automatically determines the ideal sample volume. This ensures the setup of thin-layer preparations that are 100% representative of the collected samples.

The CYTOfast system is the highest productivity system on the market, with a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 60 slides/hour, or one prepared set up per minute.

The tool is designed to process samples collected in CYTOfast bottles, which contain a fixative liquid based on ethyl alcohol and are free of methanol. This design ensures maximum safety for both healthcare personnel and the patient.

Congresso Triennale di Anatomia Patologica SIAPeC
Liquid-based processor for anatomic pathology from Hospitex – CYTOfast Plus
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