CYTOfast Cloud System
We make diagnostics possible in every corner of the world

CYTOfast Cloud System

CYTOfast Cloud System is the only standard system in the world that allows remote reporting with the highest level of reliability, even in the absence of the pathologist.
Technical staff even without experience is absolutely enough for the preparation of the slide
and the report comes in 72 hours directly to the doctor and to the patient.
This allows you to set up a laboratory analysis lab anywhere in the world in just 24 hours.

1. CYTOfast Plus
Slide preparation

2. Certified digital microscope
Image acquisition

3. Image management software and
Cloud upload

4. Processing in the
CYTOfast Plus Pathologist Center

5. Report sent to the
doctor and laboratory

Reporting with maximum reliability anywhere in the world in 72 hours
Possibility of setting up a laboratory analysis with
an operator without specific
technical skills
Centralized digital report management without management charges

CYTOfast Cloud System
An all-in-one integrated component system for remote diagnosis

CYTOfast Plus Device
The heart of the System
with thin layer technology
CYTOfast Plus Certified
Digital Microscope
The certified complement
for image acquisition
CYTOfast Plus Cloud
Software for processing and managing Cloud images
CYTOfast Plus Pathologist Center
Our center for processing
and excellence reporting

Image Digitization in High Resolution

The only system in the world that guarantees a homogeneous thin layer in high resolution. By digitizing the image, reading the slide can be safe,
fast and comfortable.

Hospitex Digital Pathology -Example of digitized sample



Zoom pap smear cells with Thin Layer Technology


Hospitex Liquid based Technology- Highest zoom level


Maximum safety in the reporting. Everywhere.

The use of CYTOfast Plus technology together with the competence of the excellent staff is to date the solution
with the highest level of quality of reporting in the world.

CYTOfast Plus Cloud System
Starter pack

CYTOfast Plus Starter Pack is the turnkey package to start the diagnostic laboratory activity. A room with adequate hygiene standards
and a not skilled nurse/technician are sufficient to start operating immediately.
Supply complete system
960 Consumable tests
Onsite installation and training
Quality certification

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