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Hospitex International, as part of the internationalization plan, is looking for specialized distributors to entrust the marketing of their products in countries that are not present with direct distribution.

Companies interested in becoming Hospitex Distributors can request it through the following form:

    What are you interested in?

    Prerequisites for the distributor (indicate the requirements that you have and/or are willing to achieve)

    The applicant distributor must demonstrate that its sales structure has a penetration capacity of at least 80% of the potential target (laboratories and hospitals).
    PLEASE NOTE: The Cvs of the main sellers and the list of the distributor’s customer portfolio will be required before preparing the distribution agreement.

    The candidate distributor is available to dedicate a person to become a specialist of cytological products. This person must be an internal figure of the organization.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Specialist must take the certificate of “Hospitex Certified Specialist”, after the annual training course at the Hospitex headquarters. The costs of the course are borne by Hospitex. The Distributor is responsible for the travel expenses. The training course will be annual, both in person and at a distance.

    The candidate distributor is organized as a capital company with positive corporate rating and owns a representative office, with showrooms for Hospitex equipment. It also has a sales secretary always available to customers during business hours.

    The candidate distributor has a company website and is available to publish a special section dedicated to Hospitex products.

    Hospitex offers and requires an exclusive relationship in the cytology segment; in this segment the distributor is available to promote only the products in the Hospitex catalogue.

    The candidate distributor is available to buy 1 complete demo set of the Catalogue of Cytology (microscopes excluded), worth 20,000 euros to confirm and activate the distribution agreement.
    PLEASE NOTE: This investment is a guarantee of the distributor’s commitment to undertake a structured path of product positioning on the reference market.

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    Call us at our references. We will be happy to give you all the information about our products.
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    Call us at our references. We will be happy to give you all the information about our products.
    ITALY +39 055 0135766
    WORLD +39 055 0191542
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