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January 4, 2024

The collaboration of Hospitex International, World Connex, Newster System and the Salle foundation has enabled the development of a major international project in Ethiopia, thanks in part to the contribution of theUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Sanifyco19 project focuses on improving the safety of those working in clinical laboratories at Ethiopana Catholique University of ST Thomas Aquinas .

The main focus is the onsite treatment of liquid and solid medical waste through innovative machinery, which allows for the complete elimination of biohazard. An innovative and versatile pre-assembled modular system with a great deal of potential, it is in fact suitable for installation in hospitals and health care facilities, emergency areas operated by civil defense and field hospitals.

Sanifyco19 – The Project

The idea was born in 2019 in response to World Connex’s need to find a solution to improve the sustainability of biomedical laboratories, especially in developing countries where infectious and chemical risk pose a real biological threat to millions of people.

The company’s two innovative patented technologies, Newster System, enabled the creation of a ready-to-use container-sized solution: NW5 for the treatment and management of medical waste and Newster Ozotherapy for the pretreatment of biomedical laboratory liquid waste.

This maxi container also has electrical, water and drainage system for quick connection to on-site utilities, ensuring start-up and operation within 24 hours of arrival.

Andrea Bascucci, CEO Newster System:
“We are very proud to have developed this project. The goal is to be able to carry out more similar projects with our technologies.”

Hospitex is proud and privileged to be able to actively participate in important initiatives linking Italy and Africa to foster the development and progress of both, both from a social and environmental point of view and for the transfer of know-how abroad.

We share with our partners the desire to develop more and more similar projects with a view to fully realizing the principles of the circular economy.

Matteo Botteghi CEO World Connex and CTO Hospitex International:
“Developing countries have great potential and one can aim to create shared prosperity. The installation of the laboratory will serve to create a valuable center for a number of other projects and generate social, human, and cultural inducement, which is lacking now but essential for high-quality healthcare even in countries like Ethiopia.”

For further discussion, please refer to the video “Sanifyco-19 is a modular pre-assembled mobile unit.”

Congresso Triennale di Anatomia Patologica SIAPeC
The Sanifyco19 project in the clinical laboratories of Ethiopana Catholique University of ST Thomas Aquinas.
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