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February 22, 2024

Urinary cytology examination plays an important role in the diagnosis, screening, and follow-up of bladder neoplasms and the excretory system in general.

Urinary cytology is generally prescribed and performed on high-risk patients such as:

  • Individuals with urinary symptoms (hematuria, pollakiuria, stranguria);
  • Workers exposed to carcinogens;
  • Patients undergoing pelvic irradiation or cycles of cyclophosphamide;
  • patients being treated for neoplasm of the urothelium, given the frequency of recurrences occurring in such cases.

Over the past 20 years, urinary cytology has been widely used in the diagnosis and follow-up of bladder neoplasms and is still considered by many to be the fundamental test for this pathology.

For an accurate diagnostic procedure, it is essential that the urine specimen be accompanied by a detailed medical history of the patient regarding previous or current therapies as they can easily alter the cells and thus give false positives. Indeed, cellularity and cell morphology can be altered by invasive maneuvers, infection, inflammation, recent surgery, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, and local or general chemotherapy.

The collection and the process

To avoid deformities, the best sampling is of morning urine as it is more cellular even if it has more pronounced degenerative changes. Diagnostically, the optimum would be the collection of first morning urine for 3 consecutive days, stored in a container containing fixative.

Containers must be delivered to the laboratory and processed by properly trained personnel.

The increasing use of urinary cytology has been accompanied by a simultaneous improvement in the diagnostic accuracy of cytology preparations.
The cytomorphologic characteristics of bladder neoplasms and its precursors have been standardized, so the degree of cytomorphologic abnormalities of the cells is related to the grading of the neoplasm; in fact, the diagnostic ability of urinary cytology is more accurate in neoplasms with higher grading because the cellular changes are more pronounced and the cellularity is higher because the neoplastic cells lose classical differentiation.

Authors: Dr. Gian Luca Milan – Urologist Andrologist Turin
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Hospitex International is a leader in urinary cytology with its CYTOfast Urine24 kit, which enables simple, safe and efficient collection, processing with CYTOfast technology (standardized thin layer) and reporting according to the gold standard The Paris System II.

Collection is by 3 vials for maximum cellular availability. The fixative that is used is safe and allows the cells to be perfectly preserved at room temperature.
The reporting system that is used, The Paris System II, has the best diagnostic accuracy.

For these reasons, Hospitex can guarantee cytological examination with the highest sensitivity offered by medical science.

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