CYTOfast Plus and
CYTOfast Plus Cloud System

The world’s simplest, cheapest and most innovative cytological diagnostic system

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CYTOfast Plus
High quality preparation in high definition thin layer

Hospitex Cytofast - Traditional slide image


Traditional slides provide an optimal image with overlapped cells and with
disturbing elements
Picture with Hospitex Cytofast Technology

CYTOfast Plus

CYTOfast Plus technology provides a filterless, standard, thin layer representative staging, equipped with cluster for a perfect reading

CYTOfast Plus ensures the highest image reliability on the market

Because there are no compromises
when you have to diagnose serious diseases

CYTOfast Plus
Heart of the System

CYTOfast Plus Cloud System
Diagnostics all over the world

CYTOfast Plus
Our Technologies

Nephelometric Smart Technology
Filter Less CYTOfast Plus Thin Layer Standard
Cluster Morphology Integrity Technology
CYTOfast Plus Intelligent Biological Counter
Cellular Optimization Technology
Dynamic Sample Aliquots Selection
Extended Preservation Technology
Sample Slide Safe Matching Process

CYTOfast Plus
Excellence without compromises

Cytology Technologies

Benchmark TechnologiesCYTOfastTraditional CytologyFilteringSedimentationCytocentrifuge
Hourly output+++++++++++++
Multiple slide preparation from same sample+++++++++
Molecular biology analysis of collected samples+++++++++++++
Non-toxicity of the fixative+++++++++++
Patient safety (home urine collection KIT)+++++++
Possibility to prepare slide preparations with custom sample rate+++++++

CYTOfast Plus

Discover the most advanced thin layer liquid cytology technology

CYTOfast Plus Cloud

Remote digital cytology: diagnosis anywhere in the world

Decision Makers

Directors and Decision Makers:
why cost containment
is always a priority

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