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Maximum Productivity from your Laboratory

CYTOfast is the system that guarantees maximum hourly productivity than any other system in the world of cytology.

A Machine 1000 analysis

CYTOfast + System is the simplest, cheapest and most versatile system in the world to implement a diagnostic analysis laboratory. +1000 tests with a single instrument
The most widespread test in the world for maximum productivity
Various liquids
Maximum versatility for various analyzes even on complex matrices
Dedicated system for better collection and processing ease
Needle Aspiration
When you need maximum security for delicate diagnoses

At the Machine we leave the most complex task

The machine performs only the part of the process that guarantees standard and top quality results, minimizing costly robotic implementations. The operator manages the loading of the tests with maximum speed and safety, thanks to the optimized design and procedure.
Semiautomatic tradeoff optimization
Lowest capex investment in the market

Ultra-fast implementation

Change the way you do cytology, without losing a day’s work. The simplicity of the CYTOfast + system allows performing 100% productivity after only 1 day from its setup. His learning curve has been tested on operators without skills to achieve the best process in the world for simplicity.

Machine operator without specific requirements

The automatic part of the system guarantees the standardization of the result. The manual part is simple and guided so that any employee is able to learn it correctly in less than 8hr of work. This allows the system to be used anywhere in the world, without the risk of compromising the results.

The best quality in the world, at the lowest costs.

CYTOfast + was designed to optimize Opex and Capex to have the best result in terms of operating costs. The result is a semi-automatic system with maximum production efficiency.

Business Opportunity

Open your pathological diagnostic line and offer the best service to your patients.

Preventive diagnosis is the most important global trend in healthcare.
Thanks to cytological diagnostics it is possible to diagnose in advance many of the most common diseases that lead to the death of patients.

Packages and Prices CYTOfast+

  • 2-year warranty 3-year service extension pack
Rental / Month
  • Price per month Operational rental

Packages and Prices CYTOfast+ Cloud System

  • 2-year warranty 3-year service extension pack
Rental / Month
  • Price per month Operational rental

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